Thursday, June 04, 2009

MORE pink and brown blocks.....

Here are two more fabric variations of my basket block. I'm not sure about the brown background in the first picture...might be a bit dark. But I didn't have any lighter medium toned browns, so it'll have to do. Although I hate to say it, I think I like the feathered pink background a little better than the paisley pink (yesterday's post).

But anyhow, all 12 basket blocks for the swap are finished!! I was going to make a set of 4 for myself, but I got tired of paper piecing. Next I'm moving on to a set of brown and pink pinwheel blocks for the same swap. They should go more quickly as they are not paper pieced.

I'm going to trim up the basket blocks and then tear the paper off while I'm watching The Mentalist.


Gail in Arizona said...
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Gail in Arizona said...

Susan I absolutely LOVE your pink and brown basket blocks! Can't wait to see the end project!!!!!