Friday, April 03, 2009

J is for Jelly Beans...

I've been a huge swapaholic every since I first found the Internet. Fabric charms, fat quarters, quilt blocks...I just can't resist a good swap. Unfortunately not many of these swapped items get transformed into a completed item. Actually the only one I can think of is the I Spy quilt I made for my son. I really should dig some of those swapped quilt blocks out and work on something.

My latest swap was blocks for the Alphabet Quilt by Dori Hawks on a Yahoo swappers group. I had planned to do 2 letters, so that I would get 2 sets of blocks for 2 quilts, one for each of my grandsons. I ran out of time and ended up only doing one set of blocks, so I guess they will have to share the quilt! I chose the letter J, since my grandson's names are Jayven and Jaxten.

The block was paper pieced and I don't do that often enough, so I had to dig out Carol Doak's book and relearn. I have a pink and brown swap coming up, so I think I'll find another PP block to do while I remember how.

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