Friday, March 20, 2009


I get to do a little happy dance because I finally finished the Bonnet Girl quilt top last night! I haven't gotten a picture taken yet...the thing is so big that I have to push the furniture back (and vacuum) my living room floor to get the whole thing laid out. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow morning and then add a picture here.

Tonight I need to find where I put the ruler/template I bought to make the scallops and also try and get the backing sewn together. More math...:^(

My youngest son (and only one left at home) is 14 and just got his driving learning permit two days ago. Of course, he's very anxious to get those 50 hours of practice driving in, so I let him drive me to town (13 miles) to run some errands. It was my first experience driving with him and I have to say he did pretty well (and luckily our very small town wasn't very busy!).

I'd better go round something up for supper (it's always been supper, not dinner for us out here in the boonies). Have a great evening.

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Flowerimpressions said...

I have just read your whole blog page! Very cool. it was fun seeing the hard work put it.
I still haven't got my blog going ??
I signed up to follow you so I can be one of the first to see your Quilt.
Glad to see you at Crafterschallenge !
Peace, terica